5 Hidden Benefits of a Carbon Facial

by Elan Clinics

Carbon facial strikes the perfect chord between a luxurious unique experience and proven dramatic skin revitalisation. This uniquely advanced treatment method will bless your skin with a plumper, firmer more radiant luminosity and ensures your skin is ready for that next important event. This lush treatment has a breadth of hidden skin benefits suitable for all skin concerns including:

Even Skin Texture

Feeling confident in your skin should be a given. However, when we are plagued by uneven skin texture due to old acne scars, skin irritation or a build-up of dry flaking skin, feeling confident can be a challenge. We all want the best canvas to work with when performing our ritual makeup routine or enjoying a relaxed Sunday lounging around the house with a natural look. When our skin refuses to comply with these lifestyle choices it can be very frustrating. The solution to these skin gripes is certainly achievable via a carbon facial regime. Skin will be left soft to the touch with no dry patches or bumps that makeup can cling to. You will experience intense skin renewal and enjoy the convenience of naturally confident skin.

 Improved Skin Tone

We all want to wake up in the morning feeling like our skin has enjoyed enough sleep and is looking revitalised and eager for the day ahead. We might feel fresh, energised, and ready to go but then we take that all important first glance in the mirror and notice our skin has woken up on the wrong side of the bed. It has outrageously decided not to bounce back from that big night out or that day spent out in the sun for way too long and is now retaliating and sabotaging your plans. This is definitely the time to book in for your carbon facial pick-me-up treatment. Your carbon treatment will work to sloth away those non-compliant skin layers and reveal a brighter, more luminous skin glow.


Minimised Appearance of Pores

Pore, we all have them, but do we really need to notice them? Enlarged, congested, visible pores are something that many people have the misfortune of combatting. Keeping up to date on your carbon facial regime will have the amazing benefits of keeping your pores in check. By preventing excess oil build up and extracting dirt and debris from within your pores, your trusted carbon facial will ensure you no longer need to be picking at, squeezing, or scrubbing your skin.


Firmed Skin, from Within

If you do not know this by now, collagen is our skins best friend. It is the key to youthful, pump, ethereal looking skin but unfortunately it continues to diminish with age. So, getting into the swing of a routine carbon facial regime will give your skin the best chance at warding off the fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin that comes with age. Through proactive subdermal rejuvenation your skin will be glowing for years to come.

Enhanced Skincare Product Benefits

A well-thought-out skincare regime is certainly a good first step in prioritising your skins health, however it will only get you so far. You really need the powerful results of in-clinic treatments such as a carbon facial to see those eye-catchingly noticeable changes in your skin. The rejuvenating powers of a carbon facial procedure offers an intense cleanse and exfoliation which works to wipe the slate clean and give you skin a blank canvas to soak up and deeply absorb skincare actives. So if you are looking for that extra skin boost a carbon facial can surely deliver that instantly luminous and flawlessly glowing skin finish.