Do's and Don'ts When It Comes To Acne

by Elan Clinics

Acne is a frustrating, embarrassing condition that can hurt your self-esteem, negatively impacting multiple parts of your life.
Here we will go through some basic dos and don'ts when it comes to acne, but if you are experiencing extreme symptoms, please speak to your doctor.
Now, let's get into it:

Do wash your pillowcase

That's right, we're starting off with something you probably didn't expect. Laundry. The thing is, acne often carries bacteria that is easily transmissible by touch.
You lie on your pillowcase.
Wash it.
While you're at it, wash your sheets as well.

Do swap out your hair care products

Or, if you love research, feel free to Google "what ingredients in hair care products can cause acne." Then, look at the ingredients in the back of your shampoo and conditioner bottles, check them against the list you found online and then find products that don't have those ingredients in them.
Or, just switch out your hair care products for a while and see if it has an impact.

Don't pick or pop

Because, how many times do we have to tell you?

Don't over-exfoliate

We have all done it because it looks like it works. Exfoliating acne instantly removes whiteheads, and can even give the illusion of reducing the appearance of acne.
So we do it more.
In actuality, Regular and gentle exfoliation is good for skin, but over-exfoliation can have a detrimental effect. Speak to your clinician about how often to exfoliate without overdoing it.

Do cleanse after exercising

Or any rigorous activity. Use a gentle cleanser and a muslin washcloth (which you launder regularly). Use the cleanser twice a day, But don't be afraid to use warm water and your washcloth to remove any impurities after exercising, gardening or any physical activity.

Finally, don't switch out acne treatments every week because you don't feel like they're working. Smashing your skin with multiple ingredients without allowing products to do their job will only result in frustration and cost you money. Also, don't stress (and not just because stress has been proven to cause acne); there are solutions out there, so don't be afraid to talk to the experts and follow their advice.