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Acne: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Acne represents one of the most prevalent skin conditions in existence, caused by the clogging of skin cells with bacteria, debris, oil, and dead skin cells. We can help treat your Acne to leave you with smoother, healthier skin.

What is Acne?


Acne Causes & Risk Factors

Acne Types & Symptoms

Symptoms of Acne

Acne usually presents itself in six different forms, all of which can lead to skin which is painful or hot to touch while leading to self-confidence problems.


Pus trapped below a thin layer of skin appear as white bumps or spots.


Cysts can become painful and present the highest risk of scarring. The deeper layers of the skin are filled with pus – professional treatment is required.


Small black or yellowish bumps on the skin are commonly thought to be filled with dirt – however, colouring is caused by the inner lining of the hair follicle.


Small red bumps on the skin that may feel sore or tender to touch.


Larger lumps, which are firm to touch, caused by a build-up of pus beneath the skin. Nodules can become painful.


Similar to papules but presenting themselves as a small bump with a white centre caused by pus build-up.

Types of Acne

There are several acne types that sufferers may experience which vary in severity. Correct diagnosis of acne type and severity can improve the treatment outlook. This is why we highly recommend booking a free consultation session with one of our expert skin care practitioners.

Acne Rosacea
Adult Acne
Cystic Acne
Back Acne
Acne Cosmetica
Acne Vulgaris

Acne Treatment At Élan


Treatment Options

We offer a range of treatment options to help tackle acne at its root cause and leave your skin feeling, invigorated, healthier, and clearer. During your free consultation, one of our skincare experts will advise you on the best treatment type for your acne.

Skin Peels

Revitalise your skin by harnessing the power of natural and active ingredients within our cosmetic-grade skin peel treatments. These peels deeply exfoliate and stimulate new cell growth and collagen creation.

At Élan, we have chosen DermaQuest as our preferred clinical skincare provider. Their products deliver guaranteed results, and improve skin health, tone and texture. To Treat acne effectively we will implement the Élan Re-energise Peel (Glycolic Peel), Elan fitness Facial (primary pumpkin), and the Elan Advanced Vit A Infusion (power pumpkin) peels.


Discover the miracle of HydraFacial skin treatment at Élan. This revolutionary, non-invasive treatment will help to cleanse and exfoliate your skin to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

HydraFacial technology delivers results far exceeding those of traditional exfoliation techniques and treatments in under 30 minutes. Fading fine lines and wrinkles, improving the firmness and texture of the skin, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores, and producing a more even skin tone, experience the HydraFacial revolution with Élan.

LED Light Therapy

Revitalise your skin with the revolution that is LED light therapy. At Élan, we offer the most advanced LED light therapy treatment solutions to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, radiant, and healthy. Our LED skin therapy is non-invasive and provides instant results.

We use state-of-the-art LED light therapy equipment to effectively treat a large selection of skin conditions and give your skin a new life. LED light works to target the source of skin conditions at a cellular level, its deep penetration allows us to treat beneath the surface of the skin with zero pain.

Élan Power Facial

We offer our bespoke treatments in two packages – the Élan Power 3 Helios Facial, and the Élan Power 5 Helios Facial. Our Élan Power treatments use advanced laser technology to leave you feeling great in your own skin.

We use our bespoke Helios III laser techniques and the Élan Power of 3 during acne treatment to stimulate collagen remodelling and improve skin radiance and reduce skin vascularity. We apply a carbon peel to the skin during this three-step treatment to reduce signs of ageing, improve texture and deeply exfoliate the pores removing any excess oil revealing a fresh radiant brighter skin complexion.