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Fat Freezing (Body Contouring) at Élan

Look and feel great in your own body with Cryolipolysis treatments offered at Élan. Whether you want to accelerate weight loss, or get rid of stubborn fat, our body contouring treatment can help.
Fat Freezing Treatment at Élan.

Restore your body confidence once again with fat freezing treatments at Élan clinics. This non-invasive treatment can help you shift those areas of stubborn fat, enhance your body shape, and feel great in your own skin.

At Élan we use the renown Beco Cryo Cool Max for our Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) treatments, offering incredible results in a minimum amount of time. The Cryo Cool Max allows us to achieve a 20-30% fat reduction in the treated area with minimal discomfort. Our treatments can target specific areas of your body allowing you to achieve the stunning results you have always dreamed of.

Book your free consultation with one of our Cryolipolysis experts today to discuss how our body contouring treatments can help you achieve your perfect body.

What Does a Fat Freezing Treatment Do?
Fat Freezing

Unlike results from dieting alone, which will generally only reduce the size of fat cells as you lose weight (not changing the total number of fat cells), Cryolipolysis treatment targets the fat cells themselves. Cryolipolysis allows us to physically reduce the number of fat cells in certain areas of your body – removing fat at its source.

The targeted fat cells are naturally processed by the body and eliminated to stop them migrating to other areas of the body. This means you will experience fat lose in treated areas, and the untreated regions will remain unchanged.

How Effective is Fat Freezing?

Advanced treatment technology adopted by the Beco Cryo Cool Max allows us to provide incredibly effective results, reducing fat in treated areas by 20-30% over a treatment period. We can effectively treat adipose tissue, drainage and cellulite to visibly reduce unwanted fat deposits on your body.

What To Know About Fat Freezing
Where Can We Treat?

We are able to treat most areas of the body. Generally, we are able to treat any area you can pinch, our Cryolipolysis expert will discuss the best treatment options for you during your free consultation.

Who is Fat Freezing Treatment For?

Cryolipolysis is a fantastic solution for anyone struggling to shift fat. This unique treatment allow us to directly target certain areas of fatty deposits – something which cannot be achieved by dieting alone.

When Will I See Results?

The results of fat freezing will take around one month to show, with maximum results being achieved after approximately three months.


Fat Freezing Pricing

Our Cryolipolysis treatments start from as little as £250 per treatment area.

We provide tailored treatment and pricing to suit your needs which will be discussed in full with you during your free consolation with us. Fat Freezing is most effective when a treatment plan is adopted, this is why we offer discounts on all of our multiple treatment packages.