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Laser Hair Removalat Élan

Smooth, hairless skin in minimal time with our medical-grade lasers, allowing you to ditch that razor and have more time to live life.
Laser Hair Removal at Elan.

Your journey towards smooth, hair-free skin starts here at Elan.

Our treatments are carried out in complete comfort and safety using the latest in laser technology. Designed with sensitive skin at the centre, our laser hair removal treatments can be used to target any part of the body with a variety of skin types and skin tones.

To make sure you are comfortable throughout, all of our lasers feature leading cooling devices to soothe, calm and protect your skin.

Your truly personalised laser hair removal treatment begins with booking a free consultation with one of our qualified laser therapists. Our therapists will listen to your individual needs and recommend the right number of treatments, your aftercare and the expected results.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?
Permanent Hair Reduction

Laser hair removal means hair reduction in a fast and cost-effective way. Unlike other hair removal options (waxing, threading etc.), this reduction is permanent.

Safe & Effective

At Élan, your comfort and safety is our priority. We use the best in laser technology from leading brands with equipment such as the Candella GMax Pro and Alma Soprano Titanium to ensure reliable and permanent hair removal.

Get To The Root Of The Problem

Our lasers will target your hair in its active growth stage. Clients may find hair appears finer and less noticeable after one treatment but a course of treatments is essential to see optimal results.

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Preparation & Aftercare
How do I prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

Shave – We recommend that you shave the area you are having treated 24 hours before your session.

Avoid Waxing & Plucking – For a few weeks leading up to your treatment avoid waxing or plucking the hair, this allows our lasers to precisely target pigment in your hair follicles.

No Tanning – Leave at least 2 weeks between tanning, using a sunbed or fake tan and your treatment.

What aftercare is needed after my treatment?

Laser hair removal leaves your skin and surrounding areas largely unharmed. However, there may be a small amount of redness for a few days after. To reduce this:

  • Regularly apply aloe vera gel.
  • Avoid sunlight and sunbeds. SPF30 minimum if outside.
  • Avoid heat from showers, saunas and baths.
Laser Hair Removal Treatment Pricing